36 Gray Silver Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Attention-Grabbing Gals

36 Gray Silver Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Attention-Grabbing Gals.
36 Gray Silver Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Attention-Grabbing Gals.

Gray Silver Ombre Hair Color

Ash ombre

Ombre is a fashionable dyeing method that can be used on hair of different colors and lengths. The color effect is applied by masters with a set of coloring shades that smoothly change. A stylish option for coloring is ombra in ash tones. In search of good ideas for reincarnation, you should take an interest in the methodology and learn the different features of the effect in ashen colors.

How not to be mistaken with a touch and look fashionable

What different styles of coloring come into fashion industry, but not everyone is able to win preferences. Ombre remains one of the most popular painting methods in recent seasons. Technology implies a smooth transition from the roots to the tips. Ombre – gradation of color from dark to light shade. To make the color transition into reality, the master selects several colors of paint, which differ in darkness and color saturation.

It is recommended to use a different range, go from chestnut to copper, to snow blonde in pink, black hair in blond curls. Among the different color combinations, work on the basis of ashy tones is distinguished by a special charm.

To suit the shades of ash

Gamma ash tones interesting fashionistas. The color should match the skin type and color type of appearance. Cool colors are suitable for girls with olive skin or pale complexion. Gray hair perfectly harmonizes with gray and brown eyes, allows you to focus on green and blue eyes. The basis for working in cold colors can be light or dark hair.

Hairdressers successfully work with different lengths, which allows girls to practice techniques of different types of appearance. Women with medium haircuts love ombre for an unusual appearance. Creating a color transition refreshes the image, and is suitable for anyone who is not ready to change drastically and completely repaint.

When choosing a shade for coloring an ombra it is worth considering tips:

  1. Silver and ashy tones are suitable for girls with a cold color type, which is recommended to be determined by the color of the skin and eyes.
  2. Cold colors accentuate skin imperfections; therefore, in the presence of scars and noticeable age-related changes in the skin, it is better to choose more saturated and bright tones.
  3. Dark hair with a warm color type quickly loses its gray glow, which requires special care and repeated staining. It is recommended to make silver dyeing for girls whose natural color corresponds to a cold range.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many advantages become arguments in favor of fashionable coloring. Gray color helps to hide the unpleasant yellowness after clarification. It is beneficial to dark-haired girls who want to clarify the ends. On the bright curls, the silver colors become more noticeable, so blondes prefer a cold range.

Ombre staining gently changes the image. The use of new tones makes the appearance more vivid, attractive and feminine. The effect looks good, even when the strands grow back – no need to tint the roots, which is typical of full color. Important! To preserve the effect, an ombre may not visit a hairdresser for repainting or repeat the procedure no more than once a month. Coloring significantly reduces the damage, because the coloring compositions are applied only to some of the strands.

Ombre in ash color offers advantages:

  1. visual increase in volume;
  2. fashionable and unusual appearance;
  3. correction of the shape of the face and head;
  4. impeccable view on long and short haircuts;
  5. protects curls and does not affect the roots;
  6. does not require careful maintenance.

The disadvantage of technology are high requirements in execution. Girls do the coloring themselves, at home, but even in the cabin it is difficult to achieve a deep silver hue. It is worth referring to a good master, so that the silver color transition meets expectations.


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