35 New Short Hairstyles for 2019 – Pixie & Bob Haircuts You Will LOVE

New Short Hairstyles for 2019
New Short Hairstyles for 2019

New Short Hairstyles for 2019

Among the female haircuts that will be fashionable in 2019, many girls will find well-known models. So what will really be in trend? We will try to answer this and other “girlish questions” about hair.

Fashionable women’s haircuts: trend 2019

Fashionable haircuts for short hair:

Creative and classic – that is combined in a bob haircut. It should be noted that the car can try on as girls with short hair, and owners of medium length. In any case, this haircut looks very impressive.

What will be the trend in 2019? The square has several varieties, among which there are several really fashionable female haircuts for short hair:

  1. classic;
  2. asymmetry;
  3. bob car;
  4. square with torn or straight bangs.

There is also the option of a square on the leg, but lately this haircut has gradually disappeared from the position of the leader in the top of the most fashionable.


Asymmetry – the choice of those who are tired of the dress code, strict business style, rules and frameworks. Traction to the creative and fashionable experiments – this is what guided the girls when choosing this haircut…


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