29 Summer Nail Designs That Are Trending for 2019

Summer Nail Designs
Summer Nail Designs

Summer Nail Designs

Nail Design Ideas for the Summer & Summer manicure for 2019

Probably, there is no such person who would not love summer. We all look forward to the approach of this time, which gives us the summer sun, the sea, ​​flowers, vacation, the sound of coastal waves, juicy ripe fruit, beautiful tan and romantic evenings in a cozy restaurant on the beach.

Almost all women of fashion are beginning to prepare in advance for the summer – to look for new outfits, to study the latest trends in the world of hairstyles and makeup. They run into the gym for a month or two so that summer shorts will be in time;) And of course they choose new ideas for manicure, which is a special accent for the girl. Summer manicure can be colorful and bright, iridescent and monophonic, with painting or rhinestones) The choice is simply huge 🙂

Of course, everybody associates summer with sunny and bright colors. Stylish manicure with fruit, made in a light or dark gamut – both options are perfectly combined. But if you are not a fan of various mural paintings, then you will like the gradient 🙂 you choose your favorite summer colors and you’ll be ready) to fit any of your looks. Underline the correct accents. What about other nail decoration options? The first thought that will appear after the word summer is the sea, the ocean) Sunny beach, azure sea and a large open horizon) All this can be used as ideas for summer manicure and be inspired again and again) And what do kids like in summer time? Of course ice cream;) All girls love sweets and cannot always deny themselves them, but could you give up the sweet and use it as a decoration for your marigolds?) What about manicure with muffins or ice cream in a horn? 🙂 So appetizing and beautiful looks)

Summer 2019 manicure will delight with its boundless diversity) Conservative classic fans and courageous supporters of experiments will find options that will please them, no one will be left without summer themes on nails)

Summer manicure, fruit on the nails, sweets on the nails.

Everyone eagerly awaits the summer, because there is a huge amount of various fruits and berries. And what about decorating marigolds with your favorite fruits or berries?) Even a simple monochrome gel polish coating with an emphasis on one or more marigolds will look bright and beautiful. Berries are the most popular order from the nail-master on the eve of summer, especially the strawberry on the nails;) Those who prefer French manicure will not be left without fashionable nail design; . And for lovers of exotic fruits such as “dragon eyes” or coconut, pineapples and oranges, juicy cherries, delicious strawberries and raspberries, watermelon slices – all this can become elements of your manicure. The most delicious and beautiful can be combined in the composition of paintings on the nails)



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